Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep Apnea is the serious yet often undiagnosed condition of the cessation of breathing during sleep. This stoppage of breathing (apnea) can stress the body and be a sign of underlying medical conditions.

Drs. Chapel and Keller have received additional training in the area of sleep apnea treatment. Through the use of the SomnoDent device by SomnoMed®, we can eliminate the need for your CPAP machine.  These convenient aligners work by aligning the jaw in a forward position to open the airway.  This treatment is non-invasive and only requires two visits: impressions for the aligners and delivery.  Adjustment appointments may be needed to ensure your comfortability with the appliance. In many situations medical insurance will cover much of the cost.

Find out if SomnoMed is right for you by clicking on the link below. There is also information to find out if you may be at risk or have sleep apnea. Browse their website and look at the research, you will find that this is a safe and effective way to treat sleep apnea.